Being a local business of one, like many accountants and lawyers, or keeping your company small gives great professional freedom and agility. But it can be easy to get bogged down with administrative work, rather than focusing on your true expertise. Our full-range of business support services help you save time to concentrate on business. Our virtual administrative and office assistants handle the basic tasks that keep your business flowing smoothly. We offer mail services, including a professional business address and mail forwarding, as well as secretarial services, like a dedicated local business phone number, phone answering service, to add that little something extra to your professional image. This allows you to concentrate on connecting with the people who matter most to your business: prospective clients, ongoing customers and your own team members

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Virtual Administrative and Office Assistants

The company provides virtual administrative and office assistants who handle basic tasks that keep a business running smoothly. These virtual assistants can assist with secretarial duties, such as managing mail services with a professional business address and mail forwarding. Additionally, they offer a dedicated local business phone number and phone answering service to enhance the business’s professional image. By taking care of these administrative tasks, the virtual assistants free up the business owner’s time, allowing them to concentrate on more critical aspects of their business.

Live Receptionist Services

The company offers live virtual receptionists who act as real, local, administrative support professionals. They handle various phone-related tasks, such as call screening, call forwarding, appointment scheduling, outbound calling, and order processing. The live receptionists are trained to meet the unique needs of each business, ensuring that important calls from potential customers are never missed. They can also serve as a lobby greeter to warmly welcome and engage guests.

Live Receptionist

Appointment Scheduling

The company’s reception team handles appointment scheduling in real-time using an online appointment scheduling system. This service allows businesses to have an organized and updated online calendar, which can be customized for meeting scheduling, providing flexibility and control over the schedule. Email alerts for new or upcoming appointments can also be sent according to the business’s preferences.

Virtual Administrative Assistance

For businesses that need additional support, the company offers premium virtual administrative assistants. These virtual assistants can take on roles similar to office assistants or receptionists, providing help with a range of tasks. From scheduling deliveries to assisting customers and providing meeting support, they are dedicated to supporting the local business with professionalism and punctuality, even when working remotely.

Answering Service

Overall, the company aims to help local businesses and professionals save time and effort by providing a comprehensive range of business support services. By outsourcing administrative tasks to their virtual assistants and live receptionists, business owners can focus on connecting with clients, customers, and team members, thereby enhancing their professional image and overall efficiency.

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